How do I register for the Grow in Love website?

Go to www.growinlove.ie and click on the ‘Register Here’ or ‘Getting Started’ buttons. You will be asked to enter your unique access code, your name, and your school details.


Where can I find my unique access code?

You will find your unique access code on the inside cover of your Grow in Love Teacher’s Manual.


Can all the teachers in my school use the same unique access code?

No. Each unique access code can only be used once.


I have tried to enter my unique access code but it says it’s not valid. What do I do now?

Try once more. Remember that capitalised letters need to be capitalised – the password is case sensitive.


I filled out the form but didn’t get an email. What do I do?

Check your spam/junk folder. Depending on your/your school’s security settings, it may be in there.


I have lost/forgotten my password. What do I do?

Click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link, which is underneath the password window in the top, right hand corner of your screen. This will lead you to a page where you can reset your password.


I am a substitute teacher and I need access to the website. The classroom teacher has already used the unique access code so I can’t use it again. What do I do now?

Ask the teacher for whom you are subbing for his/her username and password. Where this is not possible, contact the Grow in Love helpdesk by filling in the contact form or by calling (01) 878 8177. One of our team will be happy to help by setting you up as a temporary user on the website.


I am a student in a college of education and I need access to the website during School Placement. What will I do?

Contact a member of the Religious Education Department in your college and they will give you access to a Grow in Love student teacher account.


Can I access the Grow in Love website from my home computer/phone/tablet?

Yes. The Grow in Love website can be accessed through any internet-enabled device.


I am still having problems. What can I do?

Fill in the contact form on the Grow in Love website, or call the Grow in Love helpdesk on (01) 878 8177.