LEGO is ‘a line of plastic constructive toys’. Adults and children work with the coloured Lego pieces sorting, assembling and connecting them to construct objects or buildings. The newspaper and the RTE news over the past days introduced Gianni Clifford, a well-known Lego fan to the public. He constructs buildings using Lego and his best interest is in constructing bars because he likes them and he says, ‘They are places I go, places I’m eager to get back to.’ His constructions are big on detail. Gianni advocates the use of Lego because it transcends age barriers. He appreciates ‘the benefits of play with a different lens, not just for the joy it brings but also for the mental health benefits.’ His work is amazing and brings joy to the lives of many.

When God created the world, God’s desire for his beloved was to bring joy, love and life.

The first reading proclaimed at Mass today from the Book of Genesis (Gen 1:20:2-4) continues the story of Creation from day five to seven. Everything God made, God saw that it was good. It took God seven days to create his masterpiece in a unique and loving way.  God created the world with love and for love. Healthy growth takes time and a popular phrase states that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’ Anything worthwhile takes time and patience. God teaches us that and more in the story of Creation.

The Psalm proclaimed (Ps 8: 4-9) offers the response ‘How great is your name O Lord our God through all the earth.’ The psalmist teaches the one who responds to the psalm to give praise and thanks to God. The psalmist also is in wonder that God loved man so much that God created the beauty for him. When God created man in his image, ‘male and female God created them.’  He blessed them and gave them a mission of stewardship.

When God gave the gift of stewardship, he did not mean humankind to dominate, endanger and exploit the earth or its resources. God lovingly gave them something precious that he created for them.  God supposed a plan of nurturance, tenderness, love, care and protection because they are God’s attributes.

When God completed God’s creation ‘with all their array’ at a particular time, God rested. The Word proclaims, ‘On the seventh day, God completed the work he had been doing.’  God blessed this seventh day and God made it holy, because he rested after his work. This day, the Sabbath, the Lord’s Day is a holy day. This day differs from all other days in the week. It is a time to encounter God within oneself and others.

Today, let us reflect on the greatness of God’s name throughout the whole world. Pope Francis always guides us through the Holy Spirit to seek God’s presence in the web of life.

VERITAS publications offers inspiring resources on the theme of God’s Creation. This theme continues through Grow in Love/I nGrá Dé through each class standard from Junior Infants/P1 right through to Sixth Class/P8. There is something worthwhile there for all on the online resources including the Grow in Love/I nGrá Dé textbook or e-book .To access these free resources including stimulating interactive activities and videos:

Logon: www.growinlove.ie

Email: trial@growinlove

Password: growinlove



  • Glory be to the Father/Glóir don Athair
  • Act of Love/Gníomh Grá (Grow in Love/I nGrá Dé Sixth Class/Rang a Sé)


  • The Bible Rap
  • Fadó, Fadó I bhfad ó shin
  • Grow in Love Song
  • Psalm 148


  • From the Bible or from the Grow in love/ I nGrá Dé e-book Genesis (Gen 1:20-2:4)


  • Look outside or go outside your door. Breathe in the air through your nose and let it go through your mouth. Think of the action of smelling a flower or blowing up a balloon. Thanks God for the gift of breath, the gift of life. Can you see from where you are anything of the world of nature? What is it?
  • Can you make something today using some recycled paper, cardboard, tin box or plastic container? Maybe you could use some construction toys or Lego.

In these days of Covid restrictions, we cannot blow out birthday candles on a cake nor can we light a candle to blow out for safety reasons. However, for our prayer time we can light the virtual candle from the Grow in Love/ I nGrá Dé dashboard.

  • Light the virtual candle from the Grow in Love/ I nGrá Dé dashboard and write a prayer of thanks to God.
  • Read the prayers of others from the virtual candles on the dashboard by clicking on them
  • You may like to look at Gianni Clifford’s construction work using Lego.



Sr Anne Neylon