Each day, thank God, many people in the world wake up to a good day. Blessed with a healthy body, a family who cares, friends, water, food, clothes, warmth, a safe environment, a job, educational opportunities, travel facilities, entertainment, summer projects, freedom to practice faith and much more as people go about daily life.

How much of this do people take for granted? Do we appreciate how much God provides in our daily lives? How can we show God and other people our gratitude? Can we use what we have to help those who have less?

Today’s reading at Mass (Gen 44:18-21, 23-29) continues the story of Joseph and God’s people hear how Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and forgives them. This is a heart-moving story. One of the brothers pleaded with Joseph on behalf of his brothers and his father. He explained to Joseph why he could not bring the down the youngest brother to Egypt. They knew that by bringing down the youngest son the father would be so distressed, if anything happened to him.

When Joseph heard this, he could no longer control his feelings. He told all those who were gathered to go away and he remained with his brothers. He revealed himself to them and asked ‘Is my father still alive?’ Then he cried aloud saying, ‘I am Joseph your brother, yes, it’s me, the one you sold to the Egyptians.’ He told them not to grieve or reproach themselves for what they had done. He assured them that God had sent him to save their lives. Joseph was ready to forgive his brothers by God’s grace.

Moving on to Psalm104, with the assembly responding ‘Remember the wonders the Lord has done’  echoes the goodness of Joseph in looking after his family and forgiving his brothers. When one’s focus is on God’s goodness and generosity, self-reliance does not come into play. God’s people depend on God’s Providence.

Jesus in the Gospel (Mt 10:7-15), instructed the disciples to ‘cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and cast out devils.’  He instructed them to give without charge as they received without charge. He continued to tell them how they should approach their work in the freedom of God, what they should wear and take with them on their journey. Jesus’s instructions hold firm for discipleship today as they strive to build up the kingdom of God in daily life.

So today, the Good News is that we can rely on God’s Providence to take care of us. We also can answer Jesus’ call to build up God’s Kingdom and be grateful that we received without charge and that we can give without charge. Disciples depend on God and trust that God will provide in all circumstances.

The Grow in Love/ I nGrá Dé religious education programme offers many of the healing miracles of Jesus and the teachings of Jesus on proclaiming the kingdom. In the parables, Jesus explains what the Kingdom of God is like. Access to the parables and miracles is available in the Children’s Grow in Love/ I nGrá Dé textbook and/or e-book on the Grow in Love website.



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  • Our Father/An Phaidir
  • The Gloria (Prayer of the Mass)


  • From your Bible read Genesis 44 and 45. Here you will read about ‘Joseph’s cup in Benjamin’s sack,’ and read how Joseph revealed himself to his brother


  • Read Psalm 104:16-21, R v 5 and name the wonders the Lord has done. Can you find the reference for the story mentioned in the Bible?
  • Write out the names of Joseph’s brothers.
  • What wonders has the Lord done in your life and in that of your family?
  • What in life have you received without charge? What will you give to others without charge today? To whom will you give? From whom will you receive?


Sr Anne Neylon