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Look up, Look Out and Follow the Star


The story of the three wise men gives us pause for thought in the darkness of January as the twinkling lights begin to fade and the trees, wreaths and decorations are all recycled or wrapped up and put away until next Christmas. Some of us struggle in January to let go of the year past and to look forward to the new one that lies before us.

At this time of new beginnings and longer days filled with more light to look forward to, let us look onward and upward, casting our dreams to the stars as we journey onward with the kings. They had to take a new route home after they paid homage to the infant Jesus because they were warned in a dream not to return to Herod.

What about-turn has God got in store for you? Are you prepared to take another route and trust in the plan God has laid out for you in your life?

Look up, look out and offer your gifts to the world as the three kings offered their gifts to the infant Jesus. This year may you follow the great desires of the heart.


— Amanda Smith